Saturday, November 23, 2019

Stomping in a Puddle of Pedals Part 5.

For this puddle of pedals I gathered a mighty pool of sound.
I also experimented with using an expression pedal to subtly
change the delay-line loop of sound while still being able to
play the guitar.

The Boss EV-30 allows you to hook up two different pedals
with expression outputs. So in this case I plugged the EV-30
into the Boss RE-20 so I could "open" or "close" the loop as
far as guitar input being fed into the echo. I simultaneously
used the EV-30 plugged into the expression out of the
Montreal Assembly Count To 5.

The pedals used:

Dr. Scientist BitQuest!
Montreal Assembly Count To 5 
David Rolo Stamme[n]
Boss RE-20
Boss EV-30
CooperFX Outward

For the visuals I shot a video of some Drinking Birds and
overlay that with some clips of my experimental film Theoria.

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