Saturday, November 23, 2019

Drolo Stamme[n]

I have an early version of the Drolo Stamme[n]. The most obvious difference is that it has an on/off stomp switch in the upper right-hand corner.

Here is Stamme[n] Version 3:

I initially made this animation to capture the sound of the first version Stamme[n].

But since the Version 3 Stamme[n] had features that I wanted to explore, I saved up and eventually got one. Here are some explorations of the two pedals used in conjunction with each other.

For this audio clip I edited shots from the silent film Häxan (1922), which was directed by Benjamin Christensen.


For this audio clip I edited together shots from the silent film Sherlock, Jr. (1924), which was directed by Buster Keaton,

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