Saturday, December 29, 2018

Stomping in a Puddle of Pedals Part 3.

I made this clip while practicing using my Boss RC-3 Loop Station.

The RC-3 can store up to 3 hours of audio but doesn't allow you to
change tempo/speed of a loop before "storing" it and doesn't allow you
to change the direction of the loop at all. So it isn't as fun as some other
looping pedals out there that have half-speed, quarter-speed abilities or
the ability to reverse the direction of the audio, record more and then
reverse all of that again.

But nevertheless, everything is more fun when you watch an Airedale Terrier
puppy playing with an ice cube. They pounce. They head-shake from giddy glee.
They bum-waggle. All these moves (and more!) are strictly adorable when
they are executed by a frisky Airedale Terrier puppy.

Signal chain:
Godin Session guitar
Barber Dual UnLimited
ProCo Rat 1993 Vintage Reissue
Boss RC-3
Boss FRV-1 
Lab Series L7 amplifier

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