Tuesday, December 26, 2017


David Rolo of DROLO effects is a fantastic pedal-maker from Belgium who offers small-run, quirky circuit, well made pedals. The Stamme[n] is a glitch/stutter pedal that captures and loops short slices of your sound and then allows you to tap in a tempo to alter that sound, or move the large knob, or plug in an expression pedal to control the same sweep as the large knob on the pedal.

Even though there is a new, more dynamic version of the pedal available, the version I have is quite fantastic and I wanted to create an animation to replicate visually the manner in which the Stamme[n] loops and manipulates the guitar input sonically.

To find out more about DROLO effects, check out their website!

The animation above was created by moving large pieces of driftwood on a stone beach on the shores of Lake Ontario and by making impressions in sand and by "drawing" on rocks by using water like it was ink. I made this in the summer, and so the lines drawn onto rock with water evaporate quickly, combining an element of time-lapse with the stop-motion animation.

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